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March 01, 2007

Lenovo Laptop + Rescue and Recovery = Missing Hard Drive Space!

Posted in: Technology

Powered by Gregarious (21)

PURPOSE: This post is meant to inform anyone that has a Lenovo laptop and has the program “Rescue and Recovery” installed.

Recently, I was visiting a friend in which we both discovered that there seemed to be 20GB completely missing from his 60GB hard drive. I selected everything in the c:\ folder to find that about 25GB of space was being used, yet Windows was reporting that there was only 2GB of free space.

My first thought: Well, there are some cache files or system restore points taking up all the space. I searched high and low for hidden files (system restore points, temp dir, internet cache, service partitions), but could not find the culprit. I did end up freeing up about 4GB of hard drive space during this maintanence, but it was all space that was accounted for. There was still a missing 20GB that just wouldn’t add up.

After a few more hours of looking I finally found the program called “Rescue and Recovery”. If I remember correctly the directory that the hidden files where in was c:\RRTemp. The problem now was that even with administrator rights I could not access the directory.

I had to access the program, which is located in the Lenovo directory on the start menu, run the program and delete the restore points within the program. This solved the problem and the missing 20GB was no longer an issue.

To all that are having this issue, I hope this helped. Good luck!

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